Purho in English

The office is open during the summer from 9 am to 7 pm. The office in building 1

The office also has a kiosk, which sells e.g. sweets, ice cream and refreshments.
The men’s and women’s saunas are on the beach (maps I and II). Sauna shifts are seen every day on the office building front blackboard.
Sometimes a common tent sauna is also heated for use with swimming suits all together.
Toilets and showers can be found behind the office building and at Puuhapirtti (building 2)
The kitchens can be found on the terrace side of the office building and in Puuhapirtti. Summerkitchen by the saunas.
Washing machine and dryer in the kitchen of the office building. Booking booklet at the office. In the summer You can also use the place by the saunas for dishes and laundry. There are separate basins for hand washing small laundry.
Trolleys and other equipment must be returned to their places after use. At Puuhapirtti, a ping pong table and other games are free to use.
There are 2 barbecue rooms in the area, which are free to use.
The Pub and karaoke dances are often held at Puuhapirtti in the summer on Fridays and Saturdays.
Pets are welcome to the area, but not indoors. Pet must be tied up all the time.
You can fish from Purho’s Valkiajärvi e.g. rainbow trout planted there. The fishing permit can be redeemed at the office.
Boats freely available. Children are required to wear life jackets. There are vests in the beach booth.
The surroundings of Purho offers nice nature for outdoor activities, for example around the lake ~ 7km.
The nearest shop is Pyhällön Sale about 9km in the direction of Hamina.
The host phone number is +358 40 48 71 303
Check out our operations on our website www.sfckymenlaakso.fi